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Christine Baird

I'm fascinated with worth. I'm in love with podcasts.

I make media with mavens. I teach brands how to make better content.
I care about people's self-worth.
It's the funnest job I've ever given myself.



MEET Christine

I am a podcast producer, media strategist  and seasoned content marketer who teaches people & brands how to make quality media a core part of their marketing strategy. 

After six years in corporate sales, I did a career 180 and have been working in  podcast production, media strategy, and live events since 2014.

I worked on Lewis Howes' brand, The School of Greatness, for four years, where I grew his top-ranked podcast from less than 1 million downloads to over 80 million.

in 2019 I pivoted to supporting more personal brands create and grow their shows and impact. i own a boutique production studio in salt lake city, UTah, WORTHFULL MEDIA, where I produce HIGH-w0rth podcasts with a team of great creatives. I co-host the educational podcast Think Like a Producer where we teach professional media creation techniques and strategy.

I'm passionate about owning my worth and inspiring others to do the same. For fun, I host my own podcast, Worthfull Project, where i explore what it means to own my worth.




- Consulting on media projects like podcasts, YouTube shows & live events

- Growth coaching for existing shows and brands

- Producing your show from concept to completion

- Hosting Q&As, workshops, panels, and delivering keynotes

Ways to work with me

See Christine's Media Page HERE

As I've learned to own my worth in my unique career, pivoting from a traditional education and corporate job into entrepreneurship and global-impact media, I've become passionate about elevating the self-worth of the people around me.

I get to work with extraordinary people who share their self-worth through their voices, work, and stories. I value my abilities as a creator, artist, and host to make a positive impact in the world, and I am passionate about reflecting the same value back to others.

Why Worth Matters to Me

"Christine knows how to take a lot of moving pieces and consistently turn them into a great show. She makes sure the voice of the brand always comes through in a powerful way."

Lewis Howes

The School of Greatness

"Christine is such an amazing ally when it comes to support with podcasts! She helped get me up and running with everything I needed to feel fully prepared to record and launch my podcast. I can't recommend working with her enough---she's not only an incredible human, but a diligent worker that is ON IT and super reliable and detailed oriented."

Alexi Panos

Unleashed with Alexi Panos

"Christine's knowledge about podcasts is amazing! She has so much experience that any question I have, she's got a quick answer for and constructive feedback that has helped my podcast grow."

Koya Webb

Get Loved Up with Koya Webb

"Working with Christine has taken next to all the pressure and stress off the entire podcasting process. I know that it is all being handled with professionalism and ease and an amazing attitude. I can not recommend working with her more."

Emily Gallagher

Answer the Call with Emily Gallagher

“I call Christine the Podcast Doula as she is incredibly gifted, talented, wise, thoughtful, and kind in the bringing of life to your podcast dreams. While that might sound cheesy, it’s true. I’m so grateful that Christine came into my life and literally helped me finally produce my own show — a dream I had for years! Christine is incredible and my go to in all things podcasting!”

Tiffany Peterson

Tiffany Peterson Podcast

"Working with Christine on my podcast launch was the best decision I could have made. She was incredibly helpful and made what could have been a long, stressful task a very easy process! If you're thinking about starting or re-launching a podcast, do yourself a favor and hire Christine."

Sigrid Tasies

Sacred Leadership with Sigrid Tasies

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